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Coimbatore is the Second Largest City in Tamil Nadu, composed of green lands and cool climate. As Coimbatore is not only Agriculture based city, it is famous for Engineering Colleges, IT Companies and called as Manchester of South India due it’s Cotton Production and Textile Industries. So it is a great pleasure to buy a land in Coimbatore with all facilities available in short distance. Right House provides apartments for sale in Coimbatore with comfortable residential apartments which include high-quality materials incorporated during construction and Real Estate in Coimbatore.

Real Estate refers to the property comprised of land and buildings. It also includes the uncultivated land including flora and fauna, farmed crops, water and minerals. Commonly people refer real estate as the place of residential living, But it is usually grouped into three categories as residential, commercial and Industrial. Examples of the Residential real estate includes land, houses, condominiums and townhomes.

Commercial Real Estate includes warehouses, office buildings and retail store buildings. Some examples of Industrial Real Estate are factories, mines and forms. The residential real estate comprises of both resales of home and new construction. The most important and high prolific category is single family homes. Considering the future perspectives, the home and property will have a rise and high value when you live. Choose your dream house or land through Right House in Vadavalli, Coimbatore.

Quality Apartments in Coimbatore

Right House stands for quality. Apartments in Vadavalli, Coimbatore constructed by Right House are made up of 4-inch brick walls, and all outside walls and wall in between two apartments are made up of 9 Inch Wall. Concrete undergoes several tests to make sure it is strong enough to balance the load all sides. Wirings used by Right House does not contain any joints between switchboards to lights or other equipment which will avoid short circuits. Interior Paint & Primer are different from the exterior. Exterior one, both Primers & Paints are specially done, which resist sunlight and water. All the wardrobes are done with water resistant materials on the wall sides alone. As people always prefer the home with proper Vaastu, Right House constructs the apartments in Coimbatore with the proper Vaastu.

Our Client’s Testimonials

Quality and Reliability have been the hallmark of “Right House in the field of real-estate development. After 4 decades of their presence in this field what comes out most strikingly is the lasting relationships they have built with all their NRI customers & Investors. It is indeed a large Right House family still growing, steady and strong.

Mr. Arun Kailasham

OCBC Bank – Singapore

Right House Constructions have helped in developing our property in Mullai Nagar, Vadavalli, Coimbatore. It was a pleasure to be associated with Right House and their proprietor, Mr. L. P. Alaghappa Chettiyar takes special pains to see that the construction is done with the best material. Read More

Mr. Sivakumar Natarajan

Associate Director, Capegemini India Pvt.Ltd – Bangalore

Very good construction. Only quality materials are used for construction. Building are very strong. I have not seen any builder using such a good quality materials for construction of apartments. I appreciate the Right House for constructing apartments with high quality apartments.

Mr. B. Rajasakaran

Professor in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Living here is a living dream! A breathtakingly beautiful locate, sweet water, lilting breezes, what more can I ask for. A home that incorporates every facility for modern living.

Mr. Sandeep Pereumal

Divisional Engineer TWAD Board Rtd., (of Right House)

I have always been particular about even the smallest details,that is why I decided on a home here. Right from the wiring to the windows,there no compromise. Every fitting is of good quality. Simply perfect!

Mr. Mohan Ranganath

AGM Rtd.,Canara Bank (of Right House)

The best part about this project is the quality. The true strength of a building can be gauged at a single sight. Since it has planned well and executed. We are a happy community.

Mr. Subramanium

President of Right House Welfare Association


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