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Doors, Windows & Interiors

The Kitchen cupboards are to be made waterproof plywood or with exterior quality MDF. So that the life of it will be longer, if water resistant or commercial materials are used, it won’t have a life.

All the wardrobes can be done with water resistant materials and waterproof materials on the wall sides alone.

Though the water proof materials are almost double the cost of the ordinary ones, it is the most preferable, as water is easily accessible in kitchen areas.

The polished finish in Cupboards is more attractive than mat finish except it shows undulations on the surface when light falls.
Normally steel is used. It is susceptible for rust formation and hence periodical maintenance & painting to be done. To avoid this, the entire grills of the windows and balconies are to be made with stainless steel. It is stronger than steel with no corrosion, no painting, no maintenance, but excellent elegance, though the initial cost in 4 times more.

For safety purposes, all the grills on balcony should have a height if 38 inches, so that one will not slip, moreover all sections should be, always vertical and should not be horizontal at any place. These ensure safety, from claiming by the children and easily fall from the balconies.

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