LightEvery room is to be provided with one and a half times of the standard code of lighting (i.e. 12.5Sq.Ft. of Window for 100 Sq. feet of floor area) minimum is to be 1/8th of the floor space. This will provide very good lighting inside, though the cost is 5 to 6 times more when compared to the normal wall construction, as it involves, many items such big windows, grill, glass and mosquito mats, lintels and the Sunshades.

Though the Initial cost is much more; it is most advisable for a better, comfortable and healthier living. So, one should definitely adhere to it.

For a Healthier Life
Do keep all the windows open, to have a good ventilation and light, inside the house. As of today’s condition, to keep open the windows, one should definitely provide a mosquito net, which should be operable, cleanable, permanent &durable with S.S. Mesh.

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