MaintenancePrevention is better than cure. Every aspect of construction should keep in mind and do the job. It may seem to cost initially more. but once if any problem comes, then the cost of rectifying it, is much more and time consumed Is elaborate and to find out a right person is very difficult, and even if we got, the charges the he demand will be more than double.

Having all these, in mind one should do construction, by using best available materials with almost no maintenance.

Every one constructs by using the following eight Items Water, Steel, Cement, Jally, Sand brick, wood and paint only. All these items are available from 25% to 100%. It is very important that one selects the best materials, which is the price of much worth than the money that is given for it, (durable and maintenance free).

One should not see the cost above because it will lead to poor quality and substandard items which results lots of the problems.

If once invested in low cost items, it cannot be rectified. If should be only replaced at very high cost & Skilled Labor.

The Proverb says that “At the time of concreting, one can put four rods but after Concreting is done, one cannot insist even a pin inside”. So one should decide initially or otherwise the total materials should be removed and fresh one has to be done.


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