Painting is done on a clean surface, by range emery paper. Water based cement putty is applied 2/3 Coates after scratching each time, for a smooth finish. Over which primer to be applied for better grip. Then two coats of paint should be applied. All these costs should be done at an internal of 24 hours of each coat, so the landing will be effective and the durability of the paint will be much longer.

Interior Paint & Primer are different from the exterior. Exterior one, both primers& Paints are specially done, which resist sunlight and water.

The test shows that some special exterior paints when applied, resulted in 10 to 15 degree temperature drop inside, when compared with normal exterior paints on identical conditions. Practically, even if we get 5 degree drop in temperature. It will be much pleasant inside and it will reduce the cost of Aircondition running, though the initial cost is 3 to 4 times more than normal paints.

Quality Paints are to be applied only after r to 6 months of plastering, so that the air cracks will not develop. The primer & paints when applied on little wet walls, it blocks all the small holes in the plastering, so that the moisture inside has no possibility to come out, except by cracking the painted surface. As time constraints, this not practically followed.

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