Diagonal checkup of the room and vertical, horizontal leveling should be done before plastering Ceiling plastering is to be done after proper wedding of the ceiling with water. After 10/15 minutes, cement slurry is to be sprayed. This process will increase the adhesion. Then 1:3 or 1:4 ratio mortar should be applied to have been launched surface.

The thickness of mortar should be less than 1″. It is more in the same places, then rough plastering should be applied, allowed to dry a day & then the second plastering is to be alone.

Similarly, for wall 1:4 or 1:5 ratio mortars should be applied after wedding with water. Thickness of the mortar is followed as above. More than one inch mortar will result crack and fall. Ceiling plastering should be followed continuously by wall plastering in the next consecutive days so that curing can be done easily to the ceiling as well as for the wall, which is most essential for strengthening and long life of the plastering.

One can check the plastering, by scratching on it, if it falls as a powder or form tends on the surface, then it is poorer plastering.

Very smooth finish may result in weakness. Rough finish is better for putty finish and better bonding, special fiber additives help to avoid air crack. Water proofing such as Sica liquid Frock Chemical are added at 250ml per bag of cement wherever the plastering areas are in contact with water (at kitchen, utility, bathroom flooring, side walls, balcony flooring, garden etc.)

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