Slabs & Wall Curing


Quality slabs and wall curing

The Curing is very much necessary as the concrete attains its 58% strength in 7 days and 98% in 28 days. So water should be slugged at least for 7 days over the slabs and should be watched that it is not dried at any point of time, because it weakens the strength. For walls proper water curing should be done, at least three times a day. For pillars it should be covered with Gunny or strand and it should be always in wet condition.

The Special care in straw curing should be taken while pipe lining is packed, by means of wire mesh and plastering as it will not be noticed by many people, which develop cracks.

Similarly curing after plastering is very essential, as it is the blood for strengthening the cement mortar. It should be done at least three times a day for a week and should ensure that the wall is wet & not dried at any point of time; most precaution should be taken care of, from the external wall curing, as it will get into dried easily.

It should be cured with softened water so that salt deposit will not form on the walls & Concretes.


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