quality steelMarking in Steel Rods is done as Fe 500 or Fe 415, FE 500: Base is Bulletin or pure ingots. No other materials are mixed with. FE 415: Base is Steel ingots with scrape mixed up to 16.8% (i.e) 83.2+16.8%=100% @ 83.2 X 500 = 415 or Fe 415 100 83.2% pure in Fe 415 100% pure in Fe 500 = 100 = 1.20 or 20% Superior Material 83.2 Cost of Fe 415 (83.2 % Pure) is Rs.54 /- Cost of Fe 500 (100 % Pure) is Rs.58 /- Cost various 7½% Paying more we get 20% Superior Material

Earth Quake and Safety

Coimbatore is declared as a cosmic III tier zone. So proper precaution to be taken care off

Strong Foundation

Rich mix of concrete to be put on wall designed Steel Frame Work Pedestal Footing to be made up to ground level to absorb the shock, All the rods are to be welded properly to the entire length of overlapping, make tying by G.I. Wire will get released at a pivotal time rings to be tied at their interval of 4″ Span instead of the normal 6″ to 8″ Span

Normal Quality

Steel- FE 415 for minimum floors & FE 500 for tall towers

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