In every room, a ventilation kit to be provided at the time of construction with special arrangements, so that the water flows out, at the time of raining and the plantain pipes are covered with S.S. Mesh Ventilator both inside and outside which is easily removable to clean periodically. This arrangement prevents the birds to enter the hole from Outside.

This Ventilator system connects the room directly to the atmospheric Air. Hence all the heat, bad smell. The Odor will go out and fresh airs will circuits. That is very useful in the kitchen to remove the entire odd odor.

It is advised to keep it open, when Air-condition is running, so that the carbon dioxide comes out of breathing will be sent out and atmospheric air enters the room to keep it fresh at all times.


A Centre court yard is to be provided between the apartments. This is to be connected to the atmosphere, by providing a gap of few feet at the top of the building and covered by a clear roof to provide light inside.

This top gap acts as a bridge in between the open external atmosphere and inside the space of the apartments.

The well of 40 to 50 feet is created; drift all the warm air developed inside the apartment to the top, as it will be lighter in weight. When the warm air goes up due to natural drifting, a little vacuum developers inside the apartments, so that the fresh air comes in, through the windows are kept open. This natural air circulation keeps the apartment always cool as if it is air conditioned. Everyone can easily feel this difference.

This Arrangement is most effective in the apartment and hence it is much cooler when compared to individual houses.

The terrace of the apartment is to be covered with brick bit, mortar, KaruppattiPagu, Kadukkaithanni and properly beaten for 2/3 days by wooden planks. When it is properly done no leakage of water will be there, even before laying the clay tiles of good quality over it. The gap of the clay tiles is to be packed with rich mortar with KarupattiPagu&KadukkaiThanni mixture to avoid seepage through it. This arrangement is the best one to avoid heat from the top of the building and keeps the top/ terrace floors always cool and pleasant.

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