Want to build your dream house with Perfect Vastu?

Are you planning to build your dream house? Or Looking to buy an apartment? with perfect Vastu Shastra.

Here in this article, we will provides you with an idea how to set a perfect Vastu Shastra for your dream home and why it is important to follow Vastu Shastra & what are the benefits behind it. So while buying an apartment or building your dream home it will be useful to you.


One can take influence of Vastu in many different ways. The primary Vastu Shastra rules are about the directions and elements of the nature. There are exact rules for each direction in Vastu Shastra. The eight essential directions actually stand for eight particular things in life and the right energy in all these eight corners can really be profitable.

Facing of a flat or house can be on any side North, East, South & West but proper placement of the Doors, Bedroom, Kitchen, Pooja room, etc are the most essential in an house.

Vastu for Pooja Room

Universe is one of the beautiful creations of God and everything stands alive only in the limelight of truth. Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with rules, regulations & acts, similarly the art of worshipping has got certain key factor principles to attain all its benefits.


While planning a house, due to the space constraints, many people tend to ignore a separate pooja room but we must not sideline the need to make a place for GOD. Thus by creating a room for worship, we are creating a room to get charged with positive vibrations every morning and that energy will energize our environment, mind, body and soul. Our work efficiency will increase and so the progress, prosperity and peace.

Sunrays light up the north-east first, so why don’t you consider north-east first for your pooja room? Especially if you love to hang out with prosperity, happiness, inner strength, health, and wealth.

Arrange for proper ventilation and a threshold, if you wish to elicit a positive response from the divinity. So do you worship? We hope you do, and do it facing east.

Vastu for Kitchen

Kitchen is the most enforced area of house from where all kind of energies overcome. This important part of house must be placed on its corresponding place i.e. South-East governed by element Fire. Kitchen being the important part of home is the primary contributing factor in the general health and well-being of occupants.


South-East represents the most felicitous kitchen setting. Alternatively, consider a north-west adjustment as your second choice.
Avoid kitchen in the following corners – South-West, Center or North-East.

Still better, if you set up your cooking corner in the East. Priority-wise, ensure an Eastern or Northern kitchen entrance. Avoid placing your gas stove exactly in front of the kitchen entrance.

Vastu for Bedroom

The Vastu plays a major role in placement and designing of the master bedroom. The way you sleep with your head in different direction and your placement of bed is a major decision which must be taken properly with utmost care. Here are some basic points one must adhere to get peace and prosperity in your bedroom.


The master bedroom should always be located in the Southwest part of the house as Southwest represents the element Earth which implies the heaviness, which makes it as the ideal place for the master of the house.

This is not at all suitable for children room, guest room, servant room or any other room.
A great deal of attention should be paid to bedrooms in a house. One should sleep with head towards South, East or West and never in north.

Vastu for Bathroom

A complete Vastu living place provides inmates a disease free and barrier free house followed by peace, harmony and progress. Bathroom and toilet are basic sections of house sometimes made anywhere which tends to give negative energy because both the places have a specific location according to Vastu principles. Bathrooms constructed in anywhere in the house leads to complications and severe problems related to health and finance.

Thus it becomes important to abide by Vastu principles when renovating or constructing bathroom or toilet in house so that the results won’t disturb inmates further. Vastu rules for bathroom are as follows:
Ideally a bathroom can be placed in Eastern portion of the house. Fitting of pipes for drained water should be provided in North-east. The toilets should be constructed to the west of the building or the north-west side.

Shower and taps in bathroom can be attached on Northern wall which is also suitable for mirror.
Geyser should ideally be placed in South-east corner.

Overhead tank should be in South-west. There should be windows or ventilators in the east or the north. Bath should be taken in the west side. Choose bright and soothing colours for bathroom walls. Mirror should always be on the East wall. The dirty linens should be placed in the West Side of the bathroom as setting rays are very harmful for bacteria and kill them.
If there is almirah, it should always be on the Southwest Side of the bathroom.
The slope of the bathroom floor should be towards north and east so water drains to the northeast side of the bathroom. The suitable directions for keeping the washing machine are southeast and northwest.

Proper placement of the position will definitely breakthrough the Propersity of each flat owners or individual owners and we would like to see Propersity for each & everyone who lives here, Hence our vision is “Property for Propersity”.

We build every projects with perfect Vastu Shastra, which includes:

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